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To ensure the process of finding or building your perfect bus is smooth, we will stay with you every step of the way. From beginning to end, whether purchasing from Matthews Buses Commercial inventory or building with one of the top manufacturers we represent, all the way to delivering the bus and beyond.

Buying a bus for the first time;

Buying a bus for first time

At one time or another  we have all been handed a task that seems challenging , if today your church, administrator, director etc has asked you to research purchasing a bus for your organization, it may seem an impossible task. As a first time bus buyer it can be a daunting experience as there are so many makes and models to choose, so how do I know which is the right bus for me? That’s why we are here to help you. Our sales team will walk you through the decision making process to get you in the right bus for you and your organization.  

We will take into account

  • Your budget.
  • What you need the bus for.
  • How many passengers will be traveling in the bus and what license requirements your drivers will need?
  • What discounts are available to your organization?
  • Where you are (Air Conditioning and heater requirement will be different depending on where in the US you live)?

Matthews Buses Commercial are here for the complete process from  finding the bus for you out of our inventory or building one to suit with one of the top manufacturers we represent to delivering the bus to you and be there for the lifetime of the bus for any warranty or repair concerns and any other questions you may have.

Even if you are replacing our inventory we can tell you what’s new and exciting on the current makes and models.