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Get A Great Deal on Church Buses

If you need a church bus, then Matthew Buses Commercial can help you. We are a top seller of buses and have a nationwide inventory of new and used vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Chances are, we have a bus that fits your church’s needs and budget. Why chose us? We are one of the most reliable commercial bus sellers in the nation. Below is some more information about us and how we get help you get the church bus you need.

What kind of buses do we sell?

We sell new and used church buses. These buses are available in a number of sizes. We have buses for less than 15 passengers, 16 to 25 passengers and larger than 25 passengers. We even have handicap accessible buses. Our inventory includes gas and diesel buses in all sizes.

Contact Us Today

The right bus, for your church, is at Matthew Buses Commercial.We invite you to check out our current inventory. If you have any questions, you can contact our team at 1-800-330-1175. Let us help you keep your church on the road today.

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Want More Info?

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Below are the manufacturers available in our inventory

  • Braun
  • Champion Bus
  • Elkhart Coach
  • Federal Coach
  • Goshen Coach
  • Indbus
  • Thomas Bus
  • Startrans Bus
  • Brochure

Yes, We Offer Financing

To help you get the church bus that you need, we offer a number of financing and leasing options. These financing options can allow you to lease the bus with an option to buy at the end of the contract. There are also leases which allow you to “walk away” from the vehicle at the end of the contract. We offer an array of options to fit just about any church’s financing situation. Below are the financing options offered by our company’s financing team.

Equipment Loans or $1 Purchase Option Lease:

An excellent option for equipment with a long useful life and the equipment. This option allows your bus to be depreciated on your balance sheet.

Lease Purchase/Finance Lease:

Lease Purchase/Finance Lease: A lease where the church can purchase the bus at the end of the lease.

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Lease:

Designed for commercial over-the-road vehicles and trailers. At the end of the lease, the vehicle is sold back to the third party at a pre-dertamined price.

Walk-Away /Closed End Lease:

A lease where the church returns the bus at the end of the lease contract

Operating Lease:

The lessor will own the bus and lease it our to your for a period of 36 and 84 months.

Buy and Service Your Bus With Us

We are not only a top bus seller, we are also a top bus service company. So when you buy or lease your church bus, you can rely on our service to help keep that bus on the road. We offer a number of maintenance and repair services including:

  • Complete Body & Chassis Service
  • A/C Installation, Service Repairs & Inspections
  • Warranty & Recalls
  • W/C Lift Inspections & Repairs
  • 30 Day PM Service / DOT Inspections
  • Collision and Paint work
  • Brake Service
  • Lube / Oil / Filter Changes
  • Digital Camera Installation & service
  • Every day wireless GPS installation
  • Graphic Design and Installation Services
On overall, for all your assisted living buses needs, kindly contact us! We will make it a worthy experience.