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Matthews buses caries a great selection of NEW buses for sale if you are looking to buy a bus.

Matthews Buses Commercial is your one-stop location to buy a bus and services. Our company provides a wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. We can match the transportation needs of transit agencies, colleges, churches, community service organizations, and other businesses. Located in Orlando, you can feel confident that Matthews Buses Commercial has you covered. Whether you need a smaller passenger van, full-size bus, or wheelchair accessibility, you will find a commercial bus that offers superior quality and immense value. Matthews Buses Commercial has been assisting people with buying a bus with exceptional quality and service for years.


Shuttle Buses for Van Transportation

Some schools tend to use a van rather than a traditional school bus. Shuttle buses or vans are extremely useful in helping transport kids with physical disabilities and special needs. Accessible transportation can be crucial for inclusion in educational environments. However, you might need tobuy a bus or van as well. At Matthews Buses Commercial, we make the process of buying a bus or accessible van smooth and easy. Whether you’re looking for rear-entry vans or side door compartments that lower and raise wheelchairs; Matthews Buses Commercial has the inventory to match your needs.

A Full line of Non-CDL Vans and Buses

Matthews Buses Commercial is not just one of the leading commercial bus companies in Orlando; we also have one of the biggest inventories of 15-passenger and shuttle vans. One intriguing aspect of 15-passenger vans is that you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to operate them. Whether you need a 15-passenger van for a church function or a personal party event, the ability to carry groups of people is more comfortable with Matthews Buses Commercial.

The hospitality industry, retirement communities, and medical facilities have seen an increase for commercial shuttle buses available for sale. Our commercial and shuttle buses for sale will efficiently and safely transport your guests between locations and allow the transportation and coordination to the professionals. With Matthews Buses Commercial, you will be able to receive custom configurations, routine maintenance, and emergency repairs at a reasonable price.

Buy a Midsized Commercial Bus

Sometimes your company or organization may need to create some additional space for transporting groups of people around your community. Whether that’s a daycare, college sports team, or political campaign committee, a midsized bus can be the perfect solution for our customers. Our midsized commercial buses can transport up to 25 passengers. The interior of the bus is also customizable for your performance aspects. Usually, you will find a seating arrangement that is easy to navigate and ensure your passenger’s safety. Also, the climate control on our buses is available for internal use. The sleek design of our shaded windows, interior lighting, and spacious storage are also included on our buses. Matthews Buses Commercial ensures you receive a commercial bus for sale that is affordable, cost-effective, and high-performance.

Larger Buses Available

Depending on your situation, it may be a smarter investment to purchase one sizeable bus, instead of two or three small or midsized buses. At Matthews Buses Commercial, we will help you make this decision and provide you with our inventory of large commercial buses. These large commercial buses allow up to 50 passengers and feature a variety of sizes. Sports teams, event hosts, and travel companies will find many valuable opportunities with our buses to welcome guests aboard a commercial bus.

Matthews Buses Commercial has an overwhelming number of choices to fit your specific travel needs. Matthews Buses Commercial boasts numerous large, comfortable, safe, and efficient commercial buses to transport dozens of passengers on multi-day trips. Whether you’re cruising on highways, driving through city streets or covering the distances between airport terminals, Matthews Buses Commercial has buses just for you.

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Whether you’re looking to buy bus or an entire fleet, Matthews Buses Commercial delivers the most effective transportation in the Orlando area. Contact us today if interested in a buying a bus.

Please browse our online showroom and let us know if you have any questions. If you can’t find the bus you are looking for, we can build one for you.

Please browse our online showroom and let us know if you have any questions. If you can’t find the bus you are looking for, we can build one for you.