Assisted Living Buses For Sale

What To Consider

When looking for a bus, always choose specialist buses designed for the task. Senior citizens have unique needs that require specially designed tools and equipment. To transport them from one place to another —for a doctor’s appointment or an important event —you need the best. For assisted living buses, you need special additives that will make the ride as comfortable as it can ever get.

Luckily, Matthews Buses Commercial we make it our business to offer you a range of options in this category. Before you make that decision, you should know a few things.

Here is a list of five things that you must consider. We take great pride in satisfying each need when it comes to assisted living buses.

The Amenities

We understand why you need a special bus for your organization. We know that you have the best interests of your customers at heart, and that is why you need an assisted living bus. A good option should include air conditioning, comfortable resting seats, a safety kit, sizable luggage area that can accommodate a wheelchair, heater, among other items. The new 2018 Startrans Senator II from Matthews Buses Commercial is an excellent example of such a bus.

In case you need more amenities, you can always request custom designs to include more items. There is a lot to choose from especially when it comes to hardware designs for things such as windows, doors, seats, and ceilings. The focus should be on the safety and comfort of the senior citizen.

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Loading options

The main loading options are low floor ramp and wheelchair lift. Whichever option you choose, consider the ease of loading and the comfort of the user. Low floor ramp loading systems are straightforward to use. You don’t need a handyman to do the loading. Your general senior living nurses can easily load without a problem. Wheelchair lift loading is relatively tasking, but not significantly different from the floor ramp. It works fine especially when a bus has automatic conversion such as the one fitted in the new 2018 Braun Dodge Grand Caravan SE.

Customer Experience

Buying an automobile is a process that requires guidance. If you are a first-time buyer, look out for a company that is willing to take you through the process. Here at Mathews Buses Commercial, we make it our mission to guide you throughout the process. We understand that you may not be familiar with the special requirements of the senior living transport. We also know that you probably don’t know that there are very many options. Our team of experts is trained to be there for you.

Post-Sale Services

Vehicles need maintenance, and our buses are not different. You need genuine parts and services to keep the assisted living bus in pristine condition. You can trust us to have any replacement part that your van might need. We also offer warranties for the buses. We have complete trust in what we are selling. Apart from that, bus operators require specialized training on how to handle each task. Our dedicated team of trainers is there toprovide the necessary orientation and follow-up operational training.

The Budget

The size of the bus, the number of passengers that it can carry, room space, and amenities should determine the cost of the vehicle. There are also many brand names inthis area. Our team will help you choose between pre-owned or new models. We understand that your business is working on tight budgets, and that is why we offer financing options for our customer.

On overall, for all your assisted living buses needs, kindly contact us! We will make it a worthy experience.